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Harleston Road, Fressingfield, Suffolk IP21 5PE

Telephone: 01379 586280

Covid-19: Update

We are extremely sad to announce that as of Friday, 20th March, 2020,

the Swan’s pub and restaurant will no longer be operating in their usual capacity.

The Government is asking people and businesses to do the right thing to beat Coronavirus 

with some very specific advice around social gatherings. 

We agree that we need to protect our staff, our guests and ultimately those in most need of

the medical resources available via the NHS.

With this in mind, we will not behave as a conventional pub or restaurant

for the foreseeable future. This is NOT goodbye.

We will be adapting our business to ensure that we still remain the beating heart of our towns and villages,

whilst conforming to all Government advice.

The Swan's team is passionate about their communities and our people have been working

on creative ideas to help where we can. We will continue to serve you.

So please keep following us, let’s keep supporting each other

and we promise to continue to help our communities, to the best of our ability.

We all need each other now, more than ever.

Please call 01379 586280 for takeaway orders